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Starship Consulting is your essential partner for spearheading product innovation and developing world-class software.

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Your Vision.
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Much more than consultants, we're allies for a digital journey. Through deep involvement in our client’s day-to-day realities, we work collaboratively to build superior digital experiences. Our strong work ethics, values and principles create lasting relationships with each of our partners.

Starship combines a passion for innovation, expert resources, finely-tuned business processes and cutting-edge technologies to bring our clients’ most challenging visions to fruition with maximum efficiency.


You're eager to disrupt the market with your latest digital innovation. Our discovery process identifies untapped opportunities and quick wins that maximize business value while expediting launch. We also forecast risk to provide cost-saving detours for obstacles that would otherwise derail unprepared teams.

Digital Strategy
From discovery to post-launch, we provide expert guidance every step of the way. We help you break your vision down into rational, achievable steps that fit your budget and timeline.
Design & Planning
It's vital to deliver the best possible experience to your users. We analyze your industry and target audience to compose a frictionless experience that people will love to use.


From mobile apps to enterprise SAAS applications, we create software of all shapes and sizes. In fact, we've built digital solutions for virtually every platform in the past decade, including desktops, web browsers, mobile devices & tablets, VR headsets and game consoles.

Top American Talent
Our teams are staffed for each project's unique needs with the best on-shore talent to optimize communication, scheduling and productivity.
Fully Managed Service Provider
We can tackle all aspects of the software development cycle including design, project management, implementation, quality assurance, hosting, support and ongoing maintenance.


You've launched your product and now you're ready to take your service offering to the next level. We help our clients maximize performance, enhance service resilience, improve business continuity, and adopt disaster recovery plans.

Cloud Enablement
Adopt state-of-the-art cloud services to achieve unparalleled service resilience, uptime and performance.
Marketing & Analytics
Bolster sales with our digital advertising team, or discover new opportunities through business intelligence tools.


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Hampton Vaughan photo
Hampton Vaughan
CEO / Co-Founder

As a forward-thinking entrepreneurial leader, Hampton excels in dynamic environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. His boundless energy and commitment to innovation has spearheaded customer success and long-lasting partnerships.

Josh Griffith photo
Josh Griffith
CTO / Co-Founder

Josh is an accomplished IT professional with over 15 years of experience delivering cutting-edge software across numerous problem domains. He bridges technical prowess with business acumen to build and lead teams that achieve proven results.

Peter Brown photo
Peter Brown
Executive Advisor

Peter is a visionary leader with a passion for enabling people to transform the mundane into something extraordinary. By engaging clients in strategic discussion, he attentively aligns business needs with optimal solutions.


Contract Management as a service
Contract Management as a service
Starship Consulting delivers a cutting-edge contract management application in record time. We built this highly configurable software-as-a-service on Google's Polymer framework.
Starship joins Microsoft Partner Network
Starship joins Microsoft Partner Network
Starship Consulting is a leading provider of consulting services for Microsoft technology, including the Azure cloud platform.

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