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We create outstanding web applications which engage users, provide services and deliver experiences.

Crucial features

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We emphasize security above all else; both of user data and intellectual property. Our security experts ensure that your application is resilient to modern attack vectors, and we always utilize 256-bit encryption during data exchange.

Forms & Validation

Transitioning from paper forms to the web is essential in this digital age. We build intuitive web forms that match your requirements and desired layout. From there, we define workflows to implement and automate your business rules.

File Storage

Our data engineers are no strangers to managing thousands of terabytes of data. We ensure that all of your files are securely encrypted, indexed, co-located for redundancy and served from high-speed nodes at the lowest cost.


Finding content or data needs to be fast for both you and your users. With proper indexing, your application will return precise results in fractions of a second, even when sifting through terabytes of data.

Embedded Video

With high-definition video holding such a vital role in the modern web, it's essential to stream content to your users at rapid speeds on any connection. We select the best hardware and frameworks to ensure the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Social Media

Networks like Facebook and Twitter have connected billions of users throughout the world. We can integrate your app with any social network out there, enabling access to the full array of features and data analytics for each network.

Responsive Design

Your application interface should fit fluidly on any device, regardless of screen size or resolution. We leverage frameworks like Bootstrap to ensure a quality user experience on any form factor.

Maps & GPS

Ever since geolocation became a standard feature on the browser, many applications have integrated with services like Google Maps. From there, we can provide navigation tools and tailor content based on each user's location.

Data Visualization

Displaying business-critical data in a variety of visual formats makes it trivial to perform analytics for both you and your users. We integrate graphing frameworks like Highcharts to generate interactive real-time visualizations.


Reports are vital to driving strategic business decisions, and we make it as easy as possible to access your data. Our engineers combine modern data warehousing practices with powerful reporting tools.


Detailed logging and event tracing is essential for business intelligence and staying on top of compliance. Our robust logging systems can record millions of events per seconds, providing full traceability for future analysis.


Our 'API-first' approach ensures that your application can seamlessly integrate with third-party services and tools. We support numerous communication protocols and formats, including REST and SOAP.


By creating data boundaries, multiple instances of your application can be hosted as a service for different groups of licensed users. The growing 'software-as-a-service' (SAAS) industry generated over $50 billion annually in 2018.


It's imperative to have tools at your disposal to make changes to your application without having to consult a developer. This includes features such as user management, text localization, global settings and data import.


We'll configure your digital shopfront to process payments and recurring subscriptions through leading e-commerce platforms such as Stripe or PayPal. As always, we secure every transaction with 256-bit encryption.

Cloud Enablement

As a managed service provider, we eliminate the complexities associated with software infrastructure and scalability. We've partnered with leading providers such as Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace to integrate, scale and automate even the most demanding services.
Driver records for the modern age

Driver records for the modern age

Our client required a logging application that provided detailed analysis and reports of realtime high-frequency GPS data from ELD devices. The 2012 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration developed a rule which mandated electronic records to replace paper logbooks by 2017.

With a government-enforced deadline and many serious competitors in the space, there was a high pressure to delivery quickly and accurately.

  • Entity Framework
  • Angular JS
  • Xamarin
  • Azure App Services
  • Azure Service Bus
  • SQL Azure
  • Google Maps

Contract management platform

Negotiating and executing on contracts is an essential part of any business deal. Our streamlined approach yielded a 20% faster deal cycle while allowing users to spend 40% less time managing their contracts.

Contracts can take on many shapes, and therefore this application required high degrees of extensibility while maintaining simplicity.

  • Google Polymer
  • SignalR
  • OData
  • Azure App Services
  • Azure File Storage
  • Azure Search
  • Auth0
Contract management platform
Desktop role-playing game

Desktop role-playing game

We were tasked with developing a modern desktop game prototype. Our client was interested in cross-platform and virtual reality capabilities, so we selected the Unity engine to build out the prototype. We're always excited to work with cutting-edge tech, so our team was all-too-eager to dive in.

Development isn't always fun and games. Although we encountered some unique challenges, perseverance and Dramamine would win the day.

  • Unity 3D
  • Open VR
  • Unity Profiling Tools
  • Unity Asset Store
  • Unity Cloud Build

Real estate sales tracking

With hundreds of existing CRMs and sales tools on the market, we were tasked to design a solution that was accessible for individual agents yet also served the needs of larger agencies and teams.

Through market research and several design iterations, we settled on a set of core features that gave our client a competitive edge.

  • ASP.NET Core 2
  • Vue JS
  • Starship Platform
  • Highcharts
  • Azure App Services
  • Cosmos DB
  • Stripe
  • Chargebee
  • Auth0
Real estate sales tracking
IoT Device Diagnostics Hub

IoT Device Diagnostics Hub

The internet-of-things market has seen explosive growth; evident by the billions of interconnected consumer and commercial smart devices. Monitoring the status and firmware of such devices is an arduous task without the right tools.

It was vital that we design an architecture that would efficiently scale to the high-throughput needs of the enterprise.

  • Google Polymer
  • Bootstrap
  • Highcharts
  • Azure IoT
  • Azure Event Hubs

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